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Flightcase Productions

If you wish to record your music and have it professionally produced to c.d then this is the place for you. Our mobile audio Engineer will record small parts in your home, or larger projects in our studio. From solo guitarists to full bands we have the network in place to turn the recordings into fully professional tracks and with our media team a finished c.d  Larger projects will be produced and mastered in a London studio and the project will be fully managed from beginning to end by us.
A selection of previous recording sessions and finished projects will be available soon.

Project News

Solo Artist.

Initial recording sessions are in progress for guitarist (ref 289) and also work has started on bass and lead guitar. The track will be taken personally to London on July 21st, where further recording will be made and production will begin. The media team will shortly be starting work on a video presentation of this project.

New recording room.

Work has started on a new recording area for a project where children can record their “early talents”.

These compilation tracks will be mixed locally in Bergen.